How Much Do You Charge?

Rates range from $350 - $495 hour, based on the nature of the case, timing and location.

Paralegal services are billed at $120 per hour.  

Request a copy of our standard fee agreement for full details.


How Much Will the Divorce Cost?

No lawyer can give you an exact figure.  There are too many variables.  Every case is different.

But I can say this:

What you will incur now is likely a drop in the bucket compared to cumulative cost of alimony, support and the division of property.

And this speaks nothing of the qualitative value of gaining or losing custody of your children.

These are the true measures of cost.

The client who hires my office is focused on the big picture -- and committed to doing whatever it takes to win.


Do You Offer a Military Discount

Yes.  Reduced rates are available to active-duty and retired military.

Thank you for your service.


Do You Require a Cash Retainer?

Always.  Call for a quote.


Do You Accept Pro Bono Cases?



Are Your Consultations Free?

Telephone consultations are free.  Office consultations are not.  

Whichever method you prefer is completely up to you.