Zenas Zelotes Esq. - Connecticut Divorce Trial Attorney


Where Do You Practice?

I practice in Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, Hartford, Norwich and Putnam.  

I can also appear in other courts if your case is scheduled for trial and you have lost faith in your attorney (last-minute lawyer substitutions).


How Much Do You Charge?

Our rates are posted HERE.


Can a Judge Order My Spouse to Pay You?


If your spouse is earns significantly more than you, we can ask a judge to make him pay some or all of our fees.

This is called an "allowance to prosecute" and is often awarded when one spouse has access to superior financial resources.

As a practical matter, however, the amount awarded is rarely sufficient.

To aggressively litigate the case, some other source of funding is typically required.


How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce?

If the case is contested, nine months to a year is common.  


Can I Seek Alimony While the Divorce is Pending?

Yes.  If your spouse earns more than you, we can ask a judge to make your spouse pay alimony while the case is pending.


Can I Seek Child Support While the Divorce is Pending?

Yes.  If you have split or primary custody -- you may be entitled to an immediate award of child support. 


Describe Your Approach to Settlement

A lot of lawyers talk a good game -- but when the trial date approaches -- they pressure their clients to settle.

Not here.

I am very comfortable taking any case to verdict.

But -- at the end of the day -- only you can make that decision.


Describe Your Approach to Litigation


Tough.  Fearless.  Aggressive.


Do You Accept Pro Bono Cases?



Do You Accept Uncontested Cases?

No.  Any lawyer can handle that kind of case -- and at a much lower cost.  

Hiring me would be overkill.        


Can I Switch Lawyers on the Eve of Trial?

Yes.  I can take over just about any case on very short notice (and enjoy doing so).