Zenas Zelotes Esq. - Connecticut Divorce Trial Attorney

Who Should Hire Zenas Zelotes Esq.?

When you lose confidence in your current lawyer ... make the switch. 

I'm not a "family" lawyer.  

I'm a trial lawyer -- in family court.  

I'm the lawyer you call when the other parent refuses to deal in good faith.  

When you are ready to walk away from the table and take a case to trial.

Make it a fair fight. 


Where Do You Practice?

I practice in Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, Hartford, Norwich and Putnam.  

I can also appear in other courts if your case is scheduled for trial and you have lost faith in your attorney (last-minute lawyer substitutions).


How Much Do You Charge?

Our rates are posted HERE


Describe Your Approach to Litigation


Tough.  Fearless.  Aggressive.

Hire a Marine.    


Do You Accept Pro Bono Cases?



Can I Switch Lawyers on the Eve of Trial?


Even if a trial date has been set -- call me.

I can quickly take over any case on short notice.