Zenas Zelotes Esq.

Zelotes Divorce Litigation

An aggressive divorce attorney negotiates from a position of strength.

But most divorce lawyers don't.  

They believe that your case – like 97% of all divorce cases – will end in a settlement.

The result ...?

They get careless ... fail to prepare ... then pressure their clients to settle. 

Not here.

I assume every divorce case is going to trial.

Most of my cases do.

I either settle on favorable terms -- or I walk away from the table.

Simple as that.

I'm not a "family" lawyer.  

I'm a trial lawyer.  

In divorce court.  

Big difference. 

The client who hires me comes ready to fight.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Kim Virgili

I remember the exact day I met Attorney Zenas Zelotes ...  

I was an accomplished business owner with over 20 years experience in the corporate sector.  I had been recently divorced from my husband and business partner of 21 years, a highly contentious matter involving numerous marital assets and a custody battle.   

By this time I had been through four lawyers, my first relocated to Washington DC during pretrial hearings, my second took my ten thousand dollar retainer and subsequently quit me stating that he was not qualified to handle the custody matter, the third, a very high profile divorce attorney that embodied all that was wrong with the legal system who ended up trying my case, and a fourth that attempted, unsuccessfully, to dig me out of the hole I was in.

Up to this point I had been preyed on, manipulated and pain inflicted at one of the worst times of my life.  I had been yelled at, denounced, devalued and demoralized by the system and the ambassadors that are supposed to protect you from it.  It became a continuation of the abuse I had endured in my unhealthy relationship.  Here I was post divorce facing numerous contempt orders, threats of incarceration as a result of a poorly negotiated and written agreement. 

Then I met Attorney Zelotes. 

For the first time in over three years I felt that I was safe and in good hands. 

Attorney Zelotes proved to be the most extraordinary advocate demonstrating fierce and zealous litigation techniques ... he prepared like no other, and performed brilliantly providing me with unconventional trail strategies that wowed both judges and even the “Barracuda” that represented my ex-husband. 

While looming outside the courtroom, I was approached on more than one occasion with observations about my attorney and his remarkable courtroom manner.  Anyone who encountered his procedure was in awe. 

Today I am a free woman able to start my life and ambitions over.  I am unencumbered by the destruction of my former existence and the mismanagement of others.  I owe this rebirth to my attorney, my wise and trusted counselor.  At all times and without partiality he demonstrated integrity, trust, and the true meaning of professionalism. 

I would not only recommend him and his amazing talents, but I would climb the highest mountain and shout his name for all to hear.

Attorney Zenas Zelotes!

~ Kimberly Virgili